I’m Kate Bishop and I’m here to make your Mondays feel just as great as Fridays because I believe everyone should enjoy what they do.

It doesn't matter what role you are in or even if you don't have a job - you should love your life as much as possible and, as cheesy as it sounds, that comes down to having a purpose in your life - one which fires you and drives you.

As a leading, fully certified and qualified career and confidence strategist and coach I work with individuals to empower them to find and follow their career dreams as well as live the life they crave.

My work with businesses focuses on their employee health, happiness and well being to promote a team-focused, motivated and productive work environment.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Stuck in a rut at work yet have no idea what you want to do?

  • Or you have that dream role in mind but not sure how to get it?

  • Lack confidence to go for that promotion & pay rise or to give that winning presentation?

  • Want that elusive ‘work-life’ balance or just be able to switch off in order to actually do the stuff you love?

  • Are you or your team are always stressed about work and now the cracks are beginning to show?

I’ll coach you to gain inner confidence & motivate you to take that next step in your career, whether that be progression, a complete change or starting your own business.

You’ll discover what you really want from your life and we’ll work together to ensure you get it!

Coaching with me is fun as I will challenge and motivate you to attain clarity and achieve your personal best. We work together in complete confidentiality and with lots of humour which always helps with those self-realisation moments.

Ultimately, you will walk away feeling empowered to move forward with your realistic action plan and you will discover even more about yourself along the way.



During your coaching journey you will feel empowered, have renewed confidence in your capabilities to start your new career, your new business, progress in your current role or create life work balance and achieve your personal best.


Through coaching you gain clarity and discover what you really want in your life, career and work via an increase in self-awareness and deep exploration of yourself in a safe, fully confidential space.


My confidence, career and well being coaching, talks and workshops will transform your life by turning your ambitions into reality, we'll develop strategies to take action and challenge you to go even further.

How I Can Help YoU

Is coaching for you?


Especially if you would you like to:

  • Gain and maintain confidence

  • Understand your purpose in life

  • Be challenged to discover more about yourself

  • Change or progress your career​

  • Thrive in your workplace

  • Create and keep a healthy work life balance

  • Start, build and grow your business

  • Enhance and improve your working life and that of your employees

  • Love Monday mornings just as much as Friday evenings (well almost!)

Find out how you and I can work together.

WHAT PEOPLE SAY About coaching with me

“Kate was always supportive, but struck the right balance of challenge and encouragement and posed great questions to test my thinking - which was exactly what I needed. I liked Kate’s flexible approach and the humour and reflection she brought to our conversations and I always left our meetings felt I had made
progress and took an important learning away with me. Our conversations were a great mix of theory and practical application - perfectly suited to my personality!“

—  Kate Hughes, Princes Trust

“I found Kate to be an excellent communicator, very thorough, reassuring and felt 100% safe that all conversations were fully confidential and bespoke to me.”


—  Caroline Syson

“A big thank you to Kate for motivating me to achieve my goals.”

—  Chris Joy


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