It doesn't matter what role you are in or if you don't have a job - you should love your life as much as possible and, as cheesy as it sounds, that comes down to having a purpose in your life - one which fires you and drives you.

Hi, I’m Kate and I’m here to make your Mondays feel just as great as your Fridays. 

Why? Well because I believe everyone should enjoy what they do in their careers, in fact across all of their life.

As a leading, fully certified & qualified career strategist and confidence coach I work with individuals, empowering and challenging them to find and follow their career dreams as well as live the life they crave and get courageous to go for it.

I embolden my clients to build and maintain their confidence, inner belief, self esteem - whatever you want to call it - to go out there and do what they really want to do.

  • Get that lifework balance.

  • Go for that dream role or promotion.

  • Give that presentation.

  • Ace that interview.

  • Gain career confidence.


How I Can Help YoU


Is coaching for you?




With the right coach at the Right time

Especially if you would you like to:

  • Gain and maintain your career confidence

  • Understand your purpose in life & at work

  • Feel comfortable & confident in interviews and when presenting & pitching

  • Change or progress your career in order​ to thrive in your workplace

  • Create and keep a healthy lifework balance

  • Love your Monday mornings just as much as your Friday evenings (well almost!)

WHAT PEOPLE SAY about working with me

Kate Hughes, Princes Trust

Kate was always supportive but struck the right balance of challenge and encouragement and posed great questions to test my thinking - which was exactly what I needed. I liked Kate’s flexible approach and the humour and reflection she brought to our conversations, and I always left our meetings felt I had made
progress and took an important learning away with me. Our conversations were a great mix of theory and practical application - perfectly suited to my personality!

Alex Janson,

After working with Kate for 6 sessions I not only got a job (after nearly 2 years of searching) but in a company I am passionate about and can make a difference in. I learnt so much about myself, how I hold myself back and repeated behaviours. If anyone is in doubt about the power of coaching with Kate - don't be. Do it.king 

Laura Huggett,

Coaching with Kate has opened my eyes to understanding me; I've overcome fears, realised my potential and got a new job - which I love!