Workshops & Seminars

Workplace Wellbeing and Career Confidence

I work with businesses to create and improve their workplace practices for mentally healthy, happy teams through programmes and workshops on wellbeing, confidence and stress management.

Each programme is suitable for up to 15 participants and is held onsite at your offices.

All bespoke personal development tools are included as is an optional individual 45 minute coaching call with me personally for each participant.

Make an Impact 

For employees in need of a boost to their confidence at work, when leading teams, presenting or if they are about to step up into leadership.

Delegates will discover where they lose their impact, how to increase it authentically and enhance their inner-esteem.

We will tackle Imposter Syndrome, empower participants to speak up and be seen for their positive impact and high value at work.

Solve Imposter Syndrome

Do you feel like you are about to be found out? Often have thoughts that you shouldn’t be in the position you currently are? Or put it all down to fate, chance or luck?

With this workshop you will discover what imposter syndrome is, what causes it and, crucially, how to overcome to increase self-belief and become courageous and confident at work and throughout your life

Make Stress Your Driver Not Your Paralyzer

Stress can be the most debilitating state to be in and we often see a huge drop in productivity, motivation and poor decision making as a result of employees being stressed. Not to mention the time and expense of team members being off sick with stress.

I will enable your team how to become resilient when faced with challenges and pressure. Stress affects us all, especially at work - this workshop shows how to use it to motivate rather than to  debilitate. 

Resilience - Be a Palm Tree

This popular talk and workshop explores what resilience is, how it helps us control our stress response and how it can aid us in all areas of our lives.

Our internal strength is often tested when we face a multitude of challenges or changes. Learn how to bounce back from setbacks positively, re-frame your mindset to be more optimistic and how to respond in stressful situations. 

Participants will gain a full understanding of stress, resilience, how to create a healthy approach to life and to challenges as well as lots of tools to build and maintain their resilience.


Switch Off To Sleep

The science of sleep, how to get more of it and how to do it well.


Sleep should be easy, after all we spend 26 years of our life doing it! Yet, we often find ourselves constantly tired when we should be awake but then fully alert when we should be dropping off for our 8 hours of slumber.


My one hour talk highlights the important role of sleep on our physical and mental health, the consequences of not getting enough shut eye and gives you tools on how to improve and increase your 40 winks.


You will walk away knowing how to improve your sleep, lower your stress levels and have a clearer understanding of how to rest better.


Working Healthily From Home

As more and more organisations allow their employees to work from home people find their ‘old ways of working’ turned upside down. 


This webinar explores the pros and cons of working from home, how to create a working routine and stick to it, how to create the best working environment at home and, crucially, how to stay focused and motivated. 


By providing the framework and approaches to have more productive and positive days at home, attendees learn how to cope with feelings of isolation and loneliness, cultivate methods of working on their own yet still remain connected.


Employees and managers will gain insight on how to develop meaningful boundaries: create the right mindset and practical techniques to structure their day and organise themselves. By exploring effective communication, maintaining trust with your colleagues and communicating in a way to help - not hinder - productive working practices all participants leave feeling motivated and more in control to work from home effectively.