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Your Redundancy Survival Strategy

After last week's successful webinar and hearing about so many people's concerns regarding redundancy I really wanted to see what I could do to help.

That urge has ramped up even more with the latest coronavirus measures being put in place and Rishi Sunak's new emergency job scheme announced today.

I have a bit of a dream that I have a magic wand to wave and I resolve this current situation, especially as so many friends and clients are dealing with redundancy and the aftermath of it.

But then I wake up from my daydream and realise that the magic wand does not exist (if you know of it then stop hiding it and share it with the world - we need it now!)

However, I realised that I can help - through the magic of coaching! Stay with me ...

It sounds far fetched but I have seen time and time again how powerful a non-judgemental coaching approach can be so I have created a coaching programme specifically for surviving redundancy and building a strong strategy to not only getting a job but a job that you really want to do!

This is partly based on my own experience of being made redundant as well as working with so many people now looking at what the next stage is.

"So what does this wonder-cure-all programme include?!" I hear you cry! It's pretty simple really and has 3 main elements:

  1. Your Strategy - this is where we delve deep into what you really want to do and align that with your life. I'm a firm believer that your career needs to fit with your life not the other way around so let's use this opportunity to create your ideal life. We'll also take stock of what needs to happen now so if you need a job now we'll build that into your overall strategy.

  2. Your How To - then we will move onto how you will go about to do this; whether that is getting a role as quickly as possible or mapping out all of the stages. Here we will overhaul your CV, your LinkedIn profile, the cover letters you send, how you are approaching your search and application process and refine your interview techniques - not forgetting the pre and post interview etiquette!

  3. Your Drive - finally, we'll create specific techniques to keep you on track and maintain momentum. The biggest complaint I am hearing is that clients are applying left, right and centre but hearing nothing back and it is demoralising. Really demoralising. So let's work on your confidence and motivation to sustain you until that dream role drops in your lap.

So - let me know what you think - would this be of interest to you if you are facing or going through redundancy? Or perhaps you know of someone who needs this to help them progress after a job loss?

Finally, wherever you are in the world and whatever you are dealing with - I sincerely hope that you are safe. It is a very scary time at the moment so I wish you and your family health and happiness in these troubling times.

K x

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