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You Are Flaw-some!

I want to talk about how 'flawsome' YOU are.

Yes - FLAWSOME - slightly cliched but essential in our personal development.  A good coach will always look at our strengths and skills so that they can be our champion and cheerleader when the going gets tough as well as highlight the areas where we need to improve and allow us to accept our flaws.

How can a coach like me help? If you are experiencing unexpected career change, or if you have a dip in confidence whether that be at work or in your relationship then start celebrating yourself and all that you are capable of.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to write a list of all of your strengths, skills, achievements and attributes. Keep adding to your list until you can not think of any more. Then ask your friends to chip in, your partner, your family, your colleagues, your boss!

Once you have your mega YOU list then keep it somewhere where you can see it everyday to remind yourself just how fantastic and capable you are. That's that AWESOME part.

Now write down all of the areas in which you want to improve - your flaws. Next to each one answer these questions:

"How is this flaw holding me back?" "How much will improving in this area affect my life?" "What will it take for me to do to improve in this area?" "Will my effort be worth the reward?" If so - "When can I start?"

You will now have a concise action plan to take forward - this may change over time so continue to add to your AWESOME list and review your flaws - they may become your assets!

To find out more and gain even more tips on improving your inner confidence and esteem then contact me as I'd love to learn more about how 'flawsome' you are.

Have a great week!

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