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Why I do What I do - My Story

First of all perhaps I should start by explaining what I do. In a nutshell, I coach people to make their lives, their wok and themselves better. As one client put it

"You've led me to become not just a better version of myself, but the best version of myself."

I do this by intensely challenging clients to think about what they want from their lives and careers - not just in the here and now but starting with the long term. My blog last week focused on this - finding our meaning and purpose - and I believe that is here that a successful coaching journey begins.

However, I do more than just coach individual clients in their careers, confidence and lives as I also work with companies on the wellbeing strategies the offer to their employees.

By surveying what the employees want and need from their workplace when it comes to wellbeing and mental health I tailor make programmes for each organisation. For one design agency is was an entire Year of Wellbeing, for a charity it was focused on feeling and being confident at work.

I'm not reinventing the wheel with wellbeing but I am insisting that workplaces ensure that their staff are cared for and valued at work. For many of us this now also means work is at home so it is crucial that businesses have a strong and effective wellbeing programme in place and that their teams know what is on offer and how they can access the help they need.

Right - I've climbed off of my soapbox now - for the time being anyway ;-) - to explain my why. As the pioneering Simon Sinek says

“People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe”

So this is the personal bit - my story.

I originally trained to be an actor and had some rather far fetched dreams about being at The National, The Royal Shakespeare Company and then in numerous highly acclaimed films. Sadly - I didn't have goals attached to those dreams and convinced myself for 6 years that I would be 'discovered'!

I wasn't. And in the process of auditions and agent interviews I became more and more disheartened with the industry despite my core-deep passion to act.

Eventually, I had a long, cold, hard look at myself and decided to leave performing to work in the events industry.

I joined a small company and helped build it up to a thriving major player whilst donning several business 'hats' from Account Director to General Manager to HR Director and it was, initially, so so much fun.

We were a young, hungry and energised team ready to change the world of events and temporary staffing and I had the opportunity to not just help organise but also attend some incredibly parties!

I was incredibly fortunate to work with an awesome team of people and to learn a huge amount about business and myself.

But (there is always a but isn't there) I was there a few years too long and not only lost some motivation in my role but again became disillusioned and disheartened with the industry as a whole.

What I was doing was going against my values and, importantly, against my purpose of helping people to become better.

I was also working a lot - long hours, huge amounts of stress and with limited value payback - I couldn't see my 'why' anymore and this led to several years of a cycle of stress to anxiety to stress and back again resulting in a huge dent in my confidence, emotional overwhelm, burnout and depression.

Throughout it all I was terrified of losing my job, despite disliking so many aspects of it, and I had convinced myself that I couldn't do anything else and that not company would take on a 'failed actor who had managed to wing it for so long'. Classic Imposter Syndrome filled my thoughts daily.

When I hit my rock bottom I realised I needed to change my view of myself, my career and my inner negative voice. It has been quite the journey and if truth be told I am still on it but I wouldn't change what I've been through.

Why? For a variety of reasons but the stand out one being that this is now my purpose - I don't want anyone to have to go through what I did - going to bed on Sunday night and dreading Monday morning, taking myself into going to work and putting on a mask of optimism to get me through the day (the acting did come in handy then!)

So that is why I do what I do as I firmly believe that everyone should love what they do, where they do it and who they do it with every single day. Even Mondays.

Thank you for reading and if you feel like you are not enjoying your Mondays then consider getting in touch to see how coaching can help you find your why.


I still scratch that actor itch and perform improvised comedy (well I did before the pandemic) as that is just pure joy for me @CityImpro

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Coach Kate is a leading career coach
My Story - Coach Kate

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