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Time for a change at work or in life? Here’s how to know what to do...

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

If you feel that your career is starting to stagnate or that you aren’t living your life to its full potential, knowing what you need to do to change your current circumstances is the first step towards a happier, more fulfilled you.

However, change can be a daunting experience for anyone, so before you jump feet first and hand your notice in or launch a complete lifestyle overhaul, here are a few things worth considering.

Pinpoint what exactly needs to change

Taking an open and honest approach to the elements of your life that need to change is the first step towards greater happiness, but it is often the most difficult.

A detached look at your career or life in general to pinpoint precisely what is stopping you achieving your full potential is essential to help you move forward. Clear your diary for a few hours and take yourself off somewhere peaceful so you can jot down what needs to change in order for you to be truly happy.

Reach out

Once you've figured out what needs to change, it is vital that you surround yourself with people that are 100% supportive of your goals and can help you on your journey.

This could be your spouse or partner, social circle, your life coach or me – anyone who will give you honest feedback and advice on how to succeed in all areas of life. Free yourself of any negativity and don’t be afraid to fall back on the support of others when you need it.

Plan to succeed

All changes start with a plan, so to make things easier in the long run, its always a good idea to plan your journey towards any changes you need to make and have a sense of any challenges you might be up against.

For example, if you are feeling trapped in your current role and want to try something new, how are you going to manage financially if you just quit your job to explore other avenues? In this case, you might want to try and reduce your current working hours and take on another role as a side gig for 12 months. This will ensure a regular income while you try your hand at something new, develop new contacts and find your feet in your new career.

View your plan as a long-term way of achieving your goals and don’t heap too much pressure on yourself straight away. Remember, real change starts from within and takes time, so plan to succeed and have a positive mindset that will put you in good stead for the rest of your journey.

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