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The issues of being the marvel character Hawkeye’s namesake

For the non-Marvel/Avenger fans out there, you are probably not familiar with the character Hawkeye. Please allow me to introduce you to her – and to him – yup – that’s right folks – 2 for the price of 1 as you will soon find out.

Why am I banging on about a female superhero archer?

Well – her name is Kate Bishop and ever since I started my business it has been both a blessing and a curse – but we’ll come to that in moment.

Kate Bishop (the Marvel character not me) is a Young Avenger and takes up the Hawkeye mantle as the stories progress and as there is now a new Disney+ TV show being shown, the hype around Hawkeye is about to increase even more.

Especially as it marks 10 years of actor Jeremy Renner playing the role of Clint (the male Hawkeye) In a recent interview with BBC, he said "It's about a man dealing with his self-worth and almost an element of impostor syndrome.”

Ah! Music to my confidence coaching ears – men and imposter syndrome – yes, they do experience it – a lot! But unlike with women, they can be less open to discussing it due to a myriad of reasons; imposter syndrome is generally attributed to women, or perhaps due to cultural imprinting from an early age that men have it all together – or should have it all together. Or perhaps so many believe in the ‘fake it until you make it’ but most eventually realise that faking is exactly that – you never quite believe in yourself.

Why is Hawkeye a curse?

I can never say “Oh you can just Google me – Kate Bishop” Do it to find out. If you do, you will see 61,300,000 results and will have to scroll through to at least page 5 to find yours truly.

I know many of you will say – “use this to your advantage Kate – embody Hawkeye!” and I have to admit folks it was tempting when I first started Kate Bishop Coaching, but I did not fancy taking on the Marvel legal team or their mighty SEO!

And Why Is she a blessing?

First and foremost - another female superhero! Hurrah and thank you Marvel. We need more and more of these role models for girls and women of all ages and across all cultures to empower us and realise we do not need to be ‘saved’ by anyone else.

Secondly – she is an archer – she always has an aim just like we do in coaching (tenuous – I think not!) And even though my clients and I are not firing bows & arrows at our goals we are just as focused, just as prepared and we create our own ‘weaponry’ in preparation ready to tackle challenges and overcome (inner)demons and monsters.

Just like any good Avenger; we are taking action and creating a positive impact on the world around us whilst constantly improving ourselves, however small the steps.

What can we learn from Kate Bishop? (Both of us!)

Kate surprisingly does not have any superpowers, all of her skills are learnt, and her talent honed, reminding us that the more we work on ourselves the better we become at what we are doing and wanting to achieve.

She partners with her mentor – the aforementioned Clint who she presumes is dead, takes on his role and then when he reappears, they fight against evil together. All the while she is learning from and being coached by Clint – and probably teaching him a few things along the way.

Kate created her career as a Young Avenger and took inspiration from a variety of Avenger role models around her. She has friends, mentors and allies reminding us how crucial it is to have a strong support network around us.

I’m sure there are many more parallels to draw upon and I, for one am delighted to share my name with such a determined, driven and dedicated albeit fictional character.

Is it time for you to take aim on your goals for 2022? If so – bring out your inner hero/heroine and chat with Coach Kate today on how you can overcome your inner demons to achieve all that you want.

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