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Shameless Webinar Plug!

Forgive the shameless plug, however, I am incredibly excited to be part of a webinar focusing on redundancy on 16th September at 11am (BST)!

I'm honoured to be joining an expert panel made up of Reyhana Jano who is a HR Consultant & Organisational Psychologist from Constantia Consulting and Steven Eckett who is an Employment Lawyer from Meaby & Co Solicitors to explore restructuring, redundancy and what happens in the aftermath.

We will explore various areas of redundancy, and not only focus on understanding the best practices, procedures and regulations but also look at the impact on employees who have been made redundant and those that are left behind as well as look at what they can do from a positive perspective.

We will be taking live case studies and will be covering topics around:

- What is the difference between restructuring and redundancies?

- What is redundancy and how does it arise?

- What do I need to look at as an employer when implementing redundancies?

- Exploring the common challenges and pitfalls.

- The legal processes that need to be followed.

- How to manage redundancies internally.

- What are the alternatives to redundancies?

- Managing the expectations and emotions of employees during this process.

- As an employee, what do I need to be aware of during a redundancy process?

- As someone who could be made redundant, how do I cope mentally and physically?

- How can I diversify and transfer my skills?

- How do I make myself stand out in the job market?

The webinar aims to provide helpful advice, resources and tools to assist you through the challenges that you will experience either as an employer or employee and is aimed at not just those who may be facing redundancy but those having to have those conversations and the team left behind.

To book your free spot for this webinar then click here and we look forward to welcoming you!

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