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Scrap Resolutions - have an Annual Motto instead.

Hands up who makes New Year's Resolutions.

Keep those hands up if you stick to them beyond a month.

3 months? 6?

The whole year?!

If you still have you arm waving frantically in the air then many congratulations, give yourself a gold star and tell the rest of us how you do it!

Resolutions are fantastic to bring focus to what we want to do and the type of person we want to be in the coming year. However, they are so, damn hard to stick to!

There's a multitude of reasons why we veer off of our plan of good intentions:

  • We take too much on (if you have a long list of resolutions then read my article on perfect planning)

  • We set ridiculously high expectations of what we want to achieve and by when - as our goals are unrealistic we become more and more disillusioned with our efforts so give up sooner.

  • Life gets in the way - a certain global pandemic has show that!

  • We lose motivation due to set backs, illnesses, other demands on our time and energy.

  • Not seeing quick results can lead to us slacking which then leads to less results which leads to more slacking - and so on.

  • Add in your own here

So what's the alternative?

Despite the above doom & gloom reasons I still set resolutions, goals and habits for the year - but I now also add in an annual motto to solidify my aims and help keep me on track 'in the moment'

It may be that motto slightly changes due to circumstances. This past year started out by being the:

Just F*****g Do It Year

As it was kick I needed to leave a steady and stable income to go it fully alone with my business.

And I did, however, it came with a lot more besides in terms of moving home, becoming single once again, learning to drive again, singing in public and starting therapy. So I renamed 2021 to:

Face The Fear Year

For me, that motto encapsulates all of the things I have dealt with in the past 12 months and will continue to do so.

Enough about me - how can you sum up your year? What was your 2021 motto?

And, more importantly what do you want the coming year to mean and hold for you? What will be your 2022 motto?

Creating an Annual Motto

Motto's tend to be short and sweet not lengthy paragraphs as these are instant reminders to keep you motivated to stick to your goals and aims.

You may find it helpful to think about the overall goal for your year - what's the one thing that will be life-enhancing for you?

Start with some affirmations and mould them to work for you along with your goals.

Or encapsulate the best version of yourself that you want to be each day.

Kate Bishop Coaching - Your Annual Vision
Download PDF • 103KB

To help with creating one of your best years yet download your Annual Vision Planner that will help you take stock of the past year and plan for what you really want in this coming year.

My 2022 Motto

What will be my motto for 2022? With everything that I have learnt over the last few weeks there is a phrase that keeps coming to mind:

The Give It A Go Year

I have a lot to learn in the coming months and there is only one way to do that - by saying yes and giving things a go.

I have a hunch this may apply to more than just my business as I move out of London to pastures new providing the opportunity to reset and improve certain habits, find & start new interests as well as meet new people & make new friends.

Whatever your New Year and 2022 holds for you I wish you the very best for a wonderful, fulfilling and happy 12 months.


Fancy on making 2022 your best year yet but in need of a bit more guidance, a push here & there or just have no idea what to start with? Let's have a chat - coach@kate-bishop.co.uk

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