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After 4 years of running Kate Bishop Coaching a few days a week, the business is now 5 days a week so I can devote my time and energies to more people like you.

Yes YOU!

People like you who want to change their career - whether you are completely stuck and have no idea what on earth to do or if you have that ideal, dream job but something is holding you back.

People like you who want to elevate their career, get that promotion, become a leader in their industry or be brave to ask for a pay rise.

People like you who crave life-work balance (yes it is life-work as your life always comes first!), who want to be less busy but have more fun, time to relax and enjoy life.

People like you who want to believe in themselves more, to be courageous and go for what they really want in their career and in their life.

People like you who want to turn that side hustle into a viable business but need a sounding board, someone to keep them on track and to champion them when overwhelm hits.

People like you who know that they are not happy, not fulfilled and not feeling valued in their work, who want to improve their working lives, who want to elevate their inner-esteem and confidence.

People like you who want to feel better, happier, healthier, less stressed, more in control - you get the idea!

Why people like you?

Well I was someone who has faced all of the above in previous careers and in starting my coaching business.

I fell out of love with my vocation and passion, replaced it with steep learning curve of elevating a start up into a thriving business, came through several years of anxiety and depression, burnt out, fought back and am now somewhere close to thriving - just about anyway!

I am no expert in your life (yet), however, as my clients will testify, I enable you to become the expert of you so you recognise your strengths and celebrate them to rebuild your confidence, you become savvy and recognise early on when you are about to self-sabotage your best-laid plans and, ultimately, you discover what you really want in & from your life, your career, your relationships and we work together so you can get that.

The time has come for you to devote your time, efforts and energy to the most important part of your life - YOU!

In a nutshell...

Get in touch to have a chat - I've got to fill the hours somehow!


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