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Look Good on LinkedIn in 12 Easy Steps

In the last of Coach Kate's Top Tips blog I gave advice on making your CV stand out – and here we will delve into how to do the same with your LinkedIn profile.

Why use LinkedIn?

Your LinkedIn page is so much more than just your CV – think of it as your career website where hiring managers, HR, talent managers and of course recruiters search for people just like you. Therefore you need to be found and you need to make the right, first impression with them all.

Not only that but you are then able to build a focused network on LinkedIn of people who may lead you to countless opportunities. It has, therefore, become a way to access the hidden job market and a way for your profile to go global.

Needless to say, LinkedIn has now begun a necessity when it comes to your professional portfolio so let’s work on it making work for you.

Your Header Image

This is your ‘career shop window sign’ to an extent – it doesn’t need to be a flash, specially designed one, but it does need to be something.

Sizing is important: a JPEG or PNG (image) that is 1584 x 396 pixels and you can design your own here https://pixlr.com/ or use ready to use ones – don’t forget to choose royalty free ones so you do not breach copyright.

Design or choose one which is relevant to your career or the industry you are wanting to get into and of course keep it professional.

Your Profile Image

For the majority of people looking at your profile this is the first time they will see you so your profile image is the first impression of yourself you will make.

Therefore, make it professional dress, a head and shoulders shot with you smiling at the camera.

Think clean and crisp – no crazy colours or backgrounds, not you hammered or hungover having a great time – save that for your other social media sites. (Quick warning: some hiring managers may also search for you on Facebook so consider what recent photos and videos you have on there)

Your Headline

Again – this is the first text a prospective employer will read about you so make it interesting and relevant to what you do and are wanting to do.

Be savvy – state you are looking for work and use keywords recruiters will be looking for. Take a sneak peak at other job hunters’ profiles to see what is attractive and what is not!

Your ‘About’ Bit

You have 2000 words – use them and use them wisely. Earlier I said that your LinkedIn page is like your career website – this is because it is searchable on LinkedIn and Google so start by ensuring that you included significant keywords and phrases in your About part on your page. By naturally adding them and using a range you increase your chances of getting found and thereby noticed.

Your Experience

Dust off your super polished CV (see this post for top tips) and get typing. Link your previous places of work or study to their business pages on LinkedIn as this helps prospective employers search where you have come from and it makes your page look pretty sleek too.

Your Education

Yes - it needs to be on here but only the last and most relevant areas of study you have undertaken. Again, link it to the institute’s business page for that polished look.

Your Recommendations

GET THEM! DO THEM FOR OTHERS!! So this is a crucial section of your LinkedIn page. Do you ever read product reviews before deciding to purchase something? If so then your Recommendations are similar to that and the more, favourable, recommendations you have the more trust and interest will be built in you.

Ask previous bosses and colleagues to write one, teachers and lecturers, clients and customers – start to get them for each of your roles and then ask current colleagues and managers to do one too.

Your Accomplishments

Make them relevant – you may have won a company bake-off one year but unless your award winning lemon drizzle cake is directly related to your work and career then leave this out and tell the story to your new team once you have got the job and have baked your new team a cake.

Your Articles

Write them – get content out there relating to your work, give advice, ask questions, create value all with this key question in your mind “What would my new-to-be-boss/ideal think?” I am not saying write for them but think about who will read your words an how they will land.

Share stories and add value – what have you learnt in your career experiences?


Going Global?

Are you looking for a role internationally? If so then your Headline, About and Career sections can be translated in up to 6 languages - #winning!

You will need to translate it manually so get a top notch translator on board to help you as Google Translate just will not cut it with the nuances of business language.

Consistency & Activity

Join relevant groups and group chats, post comments and ask questions, respond to comments and questions – get involved!

Don’t do this once in a blue moon – log on every day and spend a short amount of time doing the above – no need to fall down LinkedIn rabbit-holes but be posting and be active.

Build your network and start conversations

It’s no coincidence that the %%% of jobs got are from someone you know – if you are new to an industry then start building your network now.

If you looking to get a new role reach out to those who are already doing your role and ask for advice.

Follow companies you want to work for and read their posts as this shows a keen interest in your application and at interview level. It may also show you whether or not you really wan to work for and with them.

As always – the best of luck, however, I am sure with a strong CV and LinkedIn profile you will soon be interviewing for your perfect role.

Need more help and support – give me a call today to see how I can help you find your dream career.

K x

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