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Life Work Balance NOT Work Life!

I invariably end up discussing time and the constraints my clients feel as we all seem to be  constantly searching for the ultimate Work Life Balance. In all honesty, I am not sure if this exists anymore with the technology that keeps us connected to work and can constantly distract us. I've spent many a 'quick 5 minute break' on Instagram only to find myself 30 minutes later wondering why I have not completed a workshop or written a post.

So how can we switch off from 'work mode'? How can we create balance in our lives? It seems to be a very individual challenge and there does not appear to be an answer that works for all, however, I hope that the below may help:

1. Limit time on devices that are connected with work when you are not in work. And limit time on 'escapism' apps unless they are truly serving you. You can download another app (I know - the irony!) to place a time cut off on each app you use.

2. Schedule leisure time and stick to it - do not involve any work during this time. Preferably this should be away from screens, outside in nature and spending time with friends so you can continue to create and strengthen your support network.

3. Ban your phone and other devices from the bedroom - if you use it as an alarm then go and buy an alarm clock. Several studies have shown that phone & device usage at night prevents us from getting the REM sleep we need to fully rest due to the blue light admitted and the brain activity it causes. Give your brain a break and get some proper rest.

Don't hesitate to contact me for more information and advice on coaching that leads to better work life balance.

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