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Launching Soon: Create Your Career Programme

Whether it's been your New Year's resolution to get a new job year after year or if you are just realising that what you are currently doing is not fulfilling you, that you are bored, stressed, overworked, underpaid, poorly valued, not listened to, lacks progression and development or you just want a change - this is the career coaching programme for you.

Crafted for people who want to change their careers, whether that's a sideways move or a complete leap into the unknown, my Create Your Career Programme enables you to craft the role you want, determine the progression you wish to make and, ultimately, facilitate the lifestyle you want and deserve to have.

Sounds amazing! Tell me more

Throughout this 1 to 1 coaching programme we will delve into what you really want to do, what you feasibly can do and how you will go about doing it.

You will reveal all of your strengths & skills to inform your next career choices and we will tackle any internal obstacles that are holding you back.

We'll take into account all areas of your life to ensure the career choices you make are congruent with your roles in life.

Create Your Career Programme launches on 1st February and lasts for 8 weeks with a mixture of virtual coaching sessions of an hour each and an array of tools for you to complete in your own time so you make progress quickly with even more of those magical realisations.

The Programme Structure

Week 1 - Your Career Strategy - several tools and a 1 hour session to fully understand what you are currently facing and what you want.

Week 2 - Looking Back To Learn - an exploration of your past roles, career choices and challenges.

Week 3 - Reveal Your Values to ensure they are aligned with your career wants and needs.

Week 4 - Discover Your Strengths - all of them!

Week 5 - Superpower Your Skills to ditch the ones you don't actually like using and bring those you do into focus and play more.

Week 6 - Customise Your Career Options - you will have several so we will unpick each one to ensure they will serve you well. And then elimination begins!

Week 7 - Evaluate Your Options & Choose Your Career - time to get super real and discard all of the maybes to choose the one that not only feels but is right for you.

Week 8 - Craft Your Career Path - future focused to ensure that your new career will serve you well into the future and for you to know how to make that happen.

You choose when you want to have your sessions - each week or bi-weekly - if you want to make progress fast then each week may well be best for you, if you want more thinking time then go for every fortnight.

One Last Thing

Get ready to work. I mean really work! This is your career and your life so if you want to make it a good one then now is the time to go for it, however, this programme is not for the faint hearted or those who won't have enough time, energy, space, focus to really work 100% on themselves for 8 weeks.

As you are investing your time, effort, energy and money into this programme I will be with you every step of the way - even if we take a few steps backwards in order to leap forwards.

However, it will only work if you do - be prepared to put in effort, be challenged, rediscover your true sense of who you are and fight against a few inner negative thoughts.

You know you can do it.

Keen to learn more?

Get in touch with Kate today (or before the 1st Feb!) to discuss your career change and how this programme can help you.


0775 339 7143

I can't wait to work with you!


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