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How Career Confidence Coaching Can Help You Land Your Dream Role

Updated: Apr 12

These days, many employees are stuck in dead-end jobs, working under ineffective leadership for immoral, detached brands concerned only with financial gain.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a massive shift in the average person’s attitude, as significant numbers simply up and left, quitting their jobs in search of roles which offered a better work/life balance. However, many more were left with no option other than to stay – something has to pay the bills, right?

That’s absolutely true, but there’s more to life. There’s a way you can land your dream role, leaving your old job and exhausted self far behind. Career confidence coaching can help you start that journey.

What does your dream role look like?

So, tell me, what is your dream role? What job or position are you motivated to succeed at? What aspects of this career are essential to you?

There are so many things to consider. Many people would love a better life/work balance (and yes it is that way round - your life comes first!)

Perhaps you’d like more definite hours or flexible working options (a mix of working from home and in the office).

What about more pay?

Morally, emotionally and spiritually, would you love to work for a brand that shares your personal values?

Is it absolutely crucial to find a job you enjoy every moment of? What about utilising the skills you already have? Or are you more interested in developing new ones?

Visualising the dream role you want is the key first step. It doesn’t have to be specific! However, the more you know about your motivations, likes, stresses and fears, the easier it’ll be to find and land the perfect job.

Benefits of career confidence coaching

Once you have your ideal career in mind, the next step is taking action. It’s here that many people struggle. Taking action can be terrifying because it feels like you’re risking everything you already have. As a result, it’s easy to get unsettled and unsatisfied: you know you’re unhappy, but you feel unable to change it.

That’s where career coaching can help you. You’ll find the confidence, courage and self-belief you need to succeed at landing your dream role, developing skills applicable to all other walks of life.

You can expect the following benefits from career coaching:

  • New skills of inner confidence, self-assurance, self-belief and frameworks to continue and maintain your progression

  • A deeper understanding of what makes you tick

  • Tailored development tools

  • A quiet, calm, judgement-free and completely confidential environment

How confidence coaching can unlock your inner belief

Everyone has the natural ability to be confident. Just because you’re quiet or perhaps a little shy, there’s no reason to doubt yourself. You have as much ability as the person next to you, regardless of their appearance and apparent personality type.

Confidence coaching is all about unlocking that courage already buried within you. It’s there, I promise! It’s about taking a deep, focused look at yourself and setting a structured development plan accordingly. You’ll be sitting at your dream role before you know it!

Finally, it’s all about you. As a career & confidence coach, my job isn’t just to transfer my belief across to you but rather to help you unlock your own inner confidence. I won’t set you free, but I’ll give you something more – I’ll give you the tools you need to free yourself.

As we’ve talked about in this blog, following these steps will help you transform your working life, achieve your goals, and leave your stress and fear behind:

  1. Discover – identify what you want from your dream career

  2. Develop – set yourself goals

  3. Do – take logical steps to achieve those goals (yes I will hold you accountable!)

If you’re struggling to make any progress, I’d be delighted to help. Get in touch with me for a completely obligation-free friendly chat about your circumstances, and I’ll be glad to talk things through with you.

Use the Let’s Talk page to contact me or schedule a completely free half-hour chat about you and how career coaching can help build your inner confidence. I can’t wait to hear from you and get started helping you land your dream job.


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