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Brand New CREATE YOUR CAREER Coaching Programme COMING SOON!

It's here folks - a uniquely focused, dedicated coaching programme to help you or anyone you know wanting to change their career.

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Now is the time for something completely different!

This is the career change programme for you if you are searching for a brand new career but you have no idea where to start or if you are torn between several options.

If you no longer feel stimulated, excited or even vaguely keen on what you are currently doing then it’s time for a shake up and change.

If the following questions plague you then this is the place you need to be:

No idea where to start?

Feel that you can’t let go of all of the career experience you have built up?

Feel bored, tire, uninspired, unfulfilled, under valued?

Fear that starting afresh will mean you will lose your current stability and security?

Suspect that you are too old?

Fear not!

Over just 8 weeks you will discover what you really want to do, what you are absolutely ace at and, crucially, how to marry these two aspects together to create your ideal career and job role so that you not only feel but are finally fulfilled, successful and valued.

Not entirely sure if this is for you?

I always start any coaching journey with a Strategy Session to discover if coaching with me is right for them at this time. This will also lay the foundations for our coaching programme to ensure we are focusing on the right areas of your career and all you want to achieve.

We will then dive in and look at your past roles, what has led you to where you are now, what is working and what is not working for you.

We'll uncover all of your strengths, your skills and experience to build your new role around you not the other way around.

Together we will assess each and every career option you are keen on and then craft the perfect role for you as well as your career path.

Keen to learn more?

Get in touch with Kate today (or before the 1st Feb!) to discuss your career change and how this programme can help you.


0775 339 7143

I can't wait to work with you!


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