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6 workplace wellbeing trends to embrace in 2020 - part 2

In my last post I looked at how wellbeing programmes are taking organisations by storm as leaders are realising with ever increasing rapidity how beneficial a happy and healthy workforce can be. Not only is productivity significantly increased but recruitment churn and therefore costs are decreased and companies begin to see diminishing costs due to absenteeism.

This is part two of the trends I think will be really hot this year in workplace wellness so read on for your next three.

1. Gym discounts

One of the more coveted perks of any employment contract, gym memberships and discounts top the list of most desired benefits for employees.

Great for tackling stress and keeping staff fit and healthy, exercise is a wonderful starting point for overall wellness, so the ability to partner with a local gym to offer corporate membership rates is something that many forward-thinking businesses are set to take advantage of this year.

2. Limiting office hours

Statistically, almost 20% of all UK workers spend their free time at work doing unpaid overtime. With ever-increasing workloads, more and more staff feel obliged to stay behind after hours to complete essential tasks, but although this can boost overall productivity in the short term, it can also come with the risk of business burnout.

To stop staff working themselves to the point of exhaustion, some offices have started to limit their opening hours, meaning staff are unable to stay beyond a certain time – regardless of whether they want to or not. With the doors locked and bolted at the same time each evening, this encourages staff to make better use of the time they have available before the close of business and stops more conscientious employees working to the point they become unwell.

A twist on this is also being tested around the world, with recent media reports confirming that businesses as far afield as Scotland and Australia are reaping the productivity benefits of a four day working week. Finland’s new PM is also said to be interested in debating this new method of working.

3. Wellness workshops

Giving employees the tools to use stress as a driving force along with handing them new ways to be more confident at work are the cornerstones of my wellness workshops, and the first few weeks of 2020 have seen a record number of enquiries for group sessions.

Teaching teams the skills they need to be the best that they can be and how to overcome challenges that occur both in and outside of work not only reduces staff absences. It also empowers employees to take greater control and become their most productive selves.

Working either with groups of up to 15 people or 1-to-1, the results enjoyed by previous clients include happier, more productive staff and far fewer sick days, which are a testament to the power of workplace wellness programmes.

To find out a little more about my wellness and stress management programmes, get in touch today on 07753 397143 or click here for more information.

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