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6 workplace wellbeing trends to embrace in 2020 - part 1

Wellness at work has exploded over the last few years, with employers finally getting the message that happy, confident and healthy employees are productive ones. They are also far less likely to want to hide under the duvet once the workload starts to stack up.

With so many new wellness programmes and strategies popping up seemingly every week, I’ve been taking a look at six of the best to give you a little inspiration for change in 2020. These are all wellness trends that are gaining popularity and can serve to protect your most precious resource from the threat of business burnout.

Here's your first three - enjoy!

1. Outsourced Yoga

Yoga has long been regarded as one of the best ways of encouraging both mindfulness and gentle exercise. Now, many larger organisations are turning to yoga teaching to help staff learn the skills and techniques necessary to let pent up stress and anxiety go either before or after work.

With plenty of trained yoga instructors operating in the UK, finding an instructor is relatively straight forward, and you might be surprised at how many employees will be willing to get up a little earlier in the morning or stay after the working day is done to give it a try.

2. Flexible working hours

With our busy lives often meaning that juggling all of the responsibilities of work and family life is more than a little stressful, more and more employees are asking for flexibility when it comes to working hours in order to strike a better balance.

From later starts for those who need to arrange childcare to split shifts, a change in hours may not seem like your typical wellness strategy. However, those that are finding it difficult to manage their workload and family life or other commitments such as studying often report that flexibility at work helps them to create a more manageable routine and significantly reduces stress levels.

3. Team activities

In those organisations where employees aren’t required to work together to achieve their objectives, you will often find that many staff members feel completely disconnected from their colleagues. Aside from the odd hello and occasional chat by the kettle, many staff have no idea of the challenges that their counterparts face.

Team building activities are still common and can be very successful, but instead of rock climbing or building towers out of paper, activities that allow participants to open up about themselves, get to know others working in the same job on a more personal level and bond through shared experiences are becoming more and more popular.

Check back in next week for part 2!

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