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6 Top Career Confidence Tips – from a Career Coach

Lack of confidence will affect us all at some stage in our working life and if this lack of confidence lingers it can be incredibly debilitating as it can prevent us from:

  • Making valuable contributions in meetings, on projects and to organisations as a whole

  • Asking insightful and valid questions

  • Challenging opinions and the status quo

  • Going for promotions and pay rises

  • Applying for roles internally and externally

In fact, 85% of working adults will feel incompetent at work at some point.

That is a lot of low confidence and this can not only slow and hinder our career progression but even stall it altogether. How can we, therefore, create inner career confidence so we feel comfortable to be able to actually do those points above (and more!)?

1. Know Yourself Inside Out

Being aware of what we want, what motivates us, what our values and priorities in all areas of our life will help us identify what we really want from our work. If we work for an organisation whose culture fits our values, then it is highly likely we will be motivated. However, if we are having doubts it may be due to an incongruity between what we really want and what we are gaining from our role.

2. You Be You

Not everyone needs to be the loudest voice in the room and not everyone is an extrovert. If we all were then the world would be a very noisy place and probably not that fun.

Focus on your strengths and skills – write them all down and then get a colleague to write down how awesome they think you are, and you do the same for them. Do this with friends, family, your partner, your pet! Keep those Awesome Lists visible to boost your confidence when you need it and as a daily reminder of how capable you really are.

Finally start demonstrating these strengths and skills in all areas of your work and make sure those that should see this are fully aware of how valuable you are to the business.

3. Be Courageous to be Confident

Step outside of your Comfort / Safe Zone every once in a while, – in fact as often as possible. This will be you proving to yourself that you can take risks, even if the results are not as you intended you still went for it, seen how brave you can be and learnt what worked and what didn’t work so well.

By doing so regularly you will build a level of comfort with continually taking a risk – whether that be speaking up in meetings, having a difficult conversation or asking for a pay rise. As your confidence grows so will your ability to take on new challenges.

4. Be Open

To opportunities. Aligned with being courageous this point is about saying yes to what comes your way to further your career. Go for coffee or lunch with someone you respect at work and learn from them – what are they doing which you are not? What advice can they give you?

5. Be a Cheerleader

I’m not suggesting grabbing pompoms or doing crazy gymnastics here – I am advising you to get and be a champion for others in your company.

If you want to progress within the organisation but are not sure how or are finding you are coming up against obstacles find a senior member of the team to champion, you and your value. Ask them to mentor you so you are doing all the right things to get that promotion.

Pay it back by being a cheerleader for others so that their attributes are seen and heard about too. By creating strong relationships at work these can benefit everyone over time as well as increase team motivation and productivity.

6. Be Positive

I know, I know – much easier said than done, however, by shifting our negative, non-confident mindset to more positive one we are much more able to cope with challenges that come our way. Again, as we do this, we will prove to ourselves and others how capable we are and will begin to see issues as opportunities to show off our skills, champion our teams and grow our courage and confidence.

If you are in need of more help with confidence either in or out of the workplace then get in touch with me today to see how I can help you.

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