Your Career & Confidence Strategy Starts Here

DOes This sound familiar?

  • Stuck in a rut at work yet have no idea what you want to do?

  • Or you have that dream role in mind but not sure how to get it?

  • Is your confidence holding you back from negotiating that pay rise or even in making that big step?

  • Want that elusive ‘life-work’ balance or just be able to switch off in order to actually do the stuff you love?

I’ll coach you to gain inner confidence & motivate you to take that next step in your career, whether that be progression, a complete change or starting your own business.

You’ll discover what you really want from your life, develop a strategy on how to get it and we’ll work together to ensure you do it!

Coaching with me is fun as I will challenge and motivate you to attain clarity and achieve your personal best. We work together in complete confidentiality and with lots of humour which always helps with those self-realisation moments.

Ultimately, you will walk away feeling empowered to move forward with your realistic action plan and you will discover even more about yourself along the way.


How does it work?

My philosophy is that once you are a coaching client then you are always a client and I am fortunate to coach incredibly people on an ongoing basis., however, you have to start somewhere right?!

Before any coaching commitment, we will have Strategy Session (approx. 1.5 hours) to discover all that you require from career and confidence coaching, if it is suitable for you at this time and if I am the right coach for you.

After all, there's no point in starting this unless we click so that I can fully support and challenge you to achieve what you really want, especially as I get fully involved in my clients' aims and ambitions.

Therefore, I offer two coaching solutions:

  1. A focused programme on crafting your career change or building your career confidence.

  2. Fully tailored, bespoke coaching to encompass career, confidence, life-work balance, life goals - pretty much whatever you wan to work on.

Each career and confidence programme and bespoke coaching includes the following full service:

  • Weekly session preparation toolkit

  • Weekly accountability checks 

  • Review session to assess progress

  • Email support throughout our coaching

  • Full bespoke and tailored Personal Development tools given where applicable to enhance your development

  • My personal recommendations of suitable books, podcasts, talks, articles throughout the process tailored to your needs to enhance your coaching experience.

And of course you will receive my full support throughout your coaching journey​




What's Your Investment?


Career coaching is an investment of your time, your determination, your work on yourself and your money. If you are not prepared to invest in yourself then I am afraid you won't make great progress if any.

My career & confidence programmes are £995 and full, bespoke coaching start at £1,200​​

Want More?

I am fully certified in DISC - a personality psychometric profiling tool to dive deeply into how you think, feel and behave in a work setting. It's similar to Myers Briggs but much easier to fathom and remember and can vastly improve how you communicate with your colleagues and enhance your leadership skills.