Coaching Programmes


Bespoke Programmes

Before any coaching commitment, there is a half price Strategy Session (approx. 1 hour) to discover all that you require from coaching, if it is suitable for you at this time and if I am the right coach for you.

After all, there's no point in starting this unless we click so that I can fully support and even challenge you to achieve what you really want.

I get fully involved in my clients aims and ambitions so rather than just a package of sessions I offer bespoke, tailored programmes that come with my full support and backing of you.


You have a choice of 3 different programmes of one on one coaching and each programme includes the following full service:

  • Weekly session preparation toolkit

  • Weekly accountability checks 

  • 1 Review session to assess progress

  • 1 Touch Base session post your coaching journey to review your ongoing progress

  • Email / What'sApp support throughout our coaching

  • Full bespoke and tailored Personal Development tools given where applicable to enhance your development

  • Book, podcast, talk, article recommendations throughout the process tailored to your needs to support your coaching journey.


Flourish Programme

This is for you if you have some clear aims in mind and need some assistance in achieving them as you receive all of the above with:

  • 6 coaching sessions of 1 hour via phone, video call or in person

Triumph Programme

Have a tougher challenge or a bigger goal? Not to worry as this programme is perfect for all you want to achieve:

  • 9 coaching sessions of 1 hours via phone, video call or in person

Soar Programme

Perfect if you have multiple aims, if you are still chasing your big dream or you are wanting to delve deep into your own development - if so this is the programme for you:

  • 12 coaching sessions of 1.5 hours via phone, video call or in person

  • Phone and email support through our coaching

  • Full psychometric profile test


Personality psychometric profiling to dive deeply into how you think, feel and behave in a work setting.

Top up sessions available post the coaching journey - whenever you need them.

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