Ace InterviewS & Powerful presentations

Have you got an interview for your ideal Job?

About to give an Important Presentation?

In need of a confidence boost?


Enhance Your Interviews

Congratulations! You've found the perfect role for you and are now faced with several interview stages - and your fear sets in.



  • Perhaps you feel that you don't come across well in interviews?

  • Maybe your interview technique needs a bit of polishing?

  • Or you may fear that nerves will get the better of you on the day?

Don't panic! 


In just a few sessions we'll explore:

  • What's blocking your interview confidence.

  • What your greatest fears and concerns are.

  • Ways in which to overcome these.

  • Tools to turn your interview stress into a driver rather than a paralyzer.

In addition we'll work together to ensure you are feeling:

  • Comfortable with what you may need to present.

  • Confident in answering a multitude of interview questions.

  • Courageous enough to ask your own questions.


From honing your physical posture, ​encouraging eye contact, calming a shaky voice, controlling handshakes, you name it - we'll ensure you are fully prepared in every way.

We'll cover everything from the very start of your interview (it begins before you even enter the building/Zoom room!) right through to the days afterwards so you are making the right impression and impact every step of the way.


PResent With Power

The day is looming. You are having to present to your team, perhaps to your entire company, the board, to prospective or current clients. Uh oh.

Whoever it is, you still experience that creeping dread, sweaty hands, shaking voice. Even though you know your stuff,  your nerves and fears always seem to get the better of you.

Ever wish you could just:

  • Make your voice heard by speaking up and asking questions in meetings.

  • Be and feel confident when presenting & pitching

  • Actually enjoy public speaking! (ok - that may be taking it a bit far - but at least not fear it quite as much)


Together we'll tackle your confidence blocks when it comes to presenting and public speaking.​

By exploring what is causing you to feel this way and incorporating some classic performer tools, techniques and tricks, together we will overcome the fears and concerns you have so that you are speaking, presenting and pitching with confidence, power and impact.

Image by William Moreland

Bespoke Coaching - Just for You

It may be that you are facing several challenges with your courage or with job hunting.

If the proverbial mountain in front of you seems too steep a climb then a tailored coaching programme may well be for you rather than just a few session.

Not sure which is right for you? Simply book a quick 20 - 30min Get To Know call to find out.

After an initial Strategy Session where we lay the foundations of your bespoke coaching journey we will map out your coaching programme, the amount of sessions you require and then jump in with tailored development tools to enhance your coaching experience every step of the way.