The 3 Simple Steps of Career Confidence Coaching:

  1. Discover what you really, really want to be, to do and to have.

  2. Develop your strategy in how to get what you really want.

  3. Do! Take action, overcome obstacles, grow and develop.


If this is all sounds a bit full on and all you are after is a quick confidence fix then check out Coaching for Acing Interviews and Presenting with Power.

These short confidence coaching programmes will help you calm your nerves, embolden you to be you in your interviews and make an impact with your presenting.

We'll uncover your true confidence, remove your 'bravery blocks' and silence your inner negative voice.

So What Is Career & Confidence Coaching All About?

Full disclosure folks - even though I am a career strategist and confidence coach we don't start with your career. And I am not that keen on the word 'confidence' either.

"Errr - ok. Why?!" (I hear you ask along with a puzzled look)

I believe that your career has to fit and serve your life - not the other way around. For 8 years I made my life fit my work and it was tough. Really tough as I missed out on so much of - well life! 

So this is where we start - with what you want in as well as from your life now and in the future.

Then we work to create a plan for you to go out and make it happen.


The making it happen - well that comes down to you, however, I will be with you every step of the way, supporting you, celebrating with you on your wins, challenging you to ensure you are making the right decisions for you.


Instead of telling you what to do, I will be asking you insightful and deep questions which will enable you to uncover the answers within yourself. Think of it as grown up careers' advice with the advice bit coming from you after my guidance.

"What about the confidence bit?"  (You rightly ask)

Through our coaching we'll uncover what confidence really means to you (for me it's about being courageous), discover when & where you feel unconfident, the reasons behind this and how you want to feel and be instead.

Then we will increase your courage and identifying all of your achievements and the occasions you were brave to re-build your self-belief and expand your inner-esteem.

There's no judgement of you, your choices or your decisions in coaching as my role as your career and confidence coach is to open up all of the potential avenues of what you could do. You decide what you will do.

We'll delve into the pros and cons of each of your options, discover the potential blocks that might get in your way, and, crucially, define which options suit you, your life and your values best.

Finally, we will create a plan of action which you are comfortable in achieving - not too comfortable mind!


You will stretch yourself, discover so much more about who you are and what you are capable of and, ultimately, develop a huge amount of self-belief so that you feel confident in taking on anything that is thrown your way.