A Few (Fun?!) Facts About Me

  1. I lived in Nepal when I was 18 - yes it was epic!

  2. I regularly perform improvised comedy (think Who's Line Is It Anyway?)

  3. I've ridden bikes, horses, a camel and an elephant.

  4. The only one I have not fallen off of was the camel.

  5. I still cannot drive...

  6. I don't have a middle name (is that weird? lots of friends think it is - let me know!)

Hi, I'm Kate

Why am I the coach for you? If your story sounds anything like mine then we need to have a chat to discover how I can best help you.

I was stuck in a job that no longer motivated me yet I was terrified to lose it as I thought I had no way out.

Originally I trained to be a performer then acted and had a lot of fun performing comedy across London.

What a grounding as I now use a lot of my performance and improvisation skills to help clients with their lack of confidence and in how to make their impact.

I then 'fell into' the events world where I helped grow a small business to be a major player and both highly successful and profitable.

However, a few years later I had no idea what to do with my career and devastatingly, had no confidence in what I was capable of.

I spiralled for about 3 years - constantly waking up in dread that today was the day I would lose my job but no longer enjoying what I had used to love. A classic case of imposter syndrome

Fortunately I was introduced to coaching and as I retrained to be a coach I discovered what I really wanted to do was to empower people make significant changes in their own lives and careers. I wanted to enable them to be just as happy at work as at home and to increase their courage, confidence & motivation so they can do what they dream of.

Basically - to never have to go through what I did.

I infuse my coaching and training with acting and comedy tools & techniques to aid clients build their confidence from the inside out creating strong self esteem and a core inner belief.

Whether it be a complete career change, career progression or finding that all elusive life-work balance, (yes it is that way around - life comes first!) I love to coach clients to live the life they have always wanted, work in a role they relish and have the continuous courage to go and do what they really want.

I partner with businesses improve their employee, health, happiness and wellbeing via talks, workshops and wellbeing initiatives so that Mondays feel just as great as Fridays!