Hi, I'm Kate.

Why am I the coach for you? If your story sounds anything like mine then we need to have a chat to discover how I can best help you.

I was stuck in a job that no longer motivated me yet I was terrified to lose it as I thought I had no way out.

Originally I trained to be a performer and then 'fell into' the events world where I helped grow a small business to be highly successful and profitable.

However, I had no idea what to do with my career and crucially, had no confidence in what I was capable of - a classic case of imposter syndrome.

As I retrained as a Coach I discovered what I really wanted was to help people make significant changes in their own lives and careers. I wanted to help them to be just as happy at work as at home and to improve their courage, confidence & motivation so they can do what they dream of.

With a strong background in business management, sales and HR I have a passion for working with clients to help them find and live their true 9-5’s. 

I infuse my coaching and training with performance tools and techniques to aid clients build their confidence from the inside out creating strong self esteem and a core inner belief.

Whether it be a complete career change, career progression or finding that all elusive work-life balance, I coach clients to live the life they have always wanted. We work on issues such as confidence challenges, public speaking, presenting & pitching.

I work with business owners and HR managers to improve their employee happiness and value via individual & group coaching and implementing health and well-being initiatives so that Mondays feel just as great as Fridays!

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